Cook Medical Bootstrap

A toolkit for jumpstarting your Cook Medical application and web property user interface.


What is this and why should I use it?

Cook Medical Bootstrap is a collection of CSS, Javascript, and standard imagery for use in all Cook Medical websites. This guide should be used as a starting point for any new website or existing website UI upgrade.

Benefits for using this Cook Medical Bootstrap:

  • Provides a quick-start to user interface design for new and upgraded websites
  • Reduces time needed for coding tasks with complex elements and cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Reflects the latest visual web standards defined by Cook Medical IT and Marketing
  • Enables a cohesive visual style throughout your website
  • Enables a cohesive visual style across all Cook Medical websites

Who is this intended for?

Cook Medical Bootstrap is intended for anybody creating or maintaining Cook Medical (or related) websites.

How do I navigate this site?

The pages in this guide provide definitive examples of usage of the various web elements defined in Cook Medical Bootstrap including example code and required CSS classes. It’s best to navigate these pages in order from left to right, starting out with a base template and working your way to finer elements.

How do I get started using this toolkit?

In order to utilize this bootstrap, you must download either the source or minimized package and begin designing your website utilizing one of the provided templates as your starting point. These templates already include the required links to the required stylesheet and javascript files.

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